Who is invited to join?

Any curator or volunteer from TEDx community around the world.

How much does it cost to participate?

We have worked to adjust the budget as much as possible.

There are 3 possible options:

The full package: 150 euros per participant will cover the costs of meals and parties for the whole event. In order to be officially registered, please proceed to payment at the following link before Thursday 17th of April: http://quedamus.com/es/eventos-networking/tedx-mediterranean-organizer-workshop-barcelona

This price includes:

– Thursday 24th welcome drink

– Friday 25th lunch and dinner

– Saturday 26th lunch, dinner and party

– Sunday 27th boat trip and lunch

And of course all the amazing sessions and speakers who will be with us!

The day package for 30 euros includes Friday and Saturday lunches as well as all the workshops.

And the final party ticket is 20 euros, for a great happening and local bands from 9pm to 3am. 

How do I register?

You only have to register there and you’re in! Our team will then contact you with more information!

When should I book my flights?

The event starts with a welcome drink Thursday April 24th at 9pm and ends with an afternoon visit of Barcelona Sunday April 27th. Keep us posted when you book your flight!

What shall I do if I need a visa letter?

Send us an email @ aurelie@tedxbarcelona.com and we will send you the required documents.

Can I participate even if I am not from a Mediterranean country?

Of course! We would love to welcome you in Barcelona and share with you the warmth and passion of our city 🙂

How many people can come from my team?

As many as you wish. The idea is to spread ideas and to create a community as large as possible so feel free to bring along your team members or volunteers if there are up for it!

Can I share the information on this gathering?

Of course! Use our hashtags #mediterraneanx #tedx #barcelona and feel free to share it!


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