The objective of this gathering is to exchange a maximum of learnings and best practices in a flexible format!


Thursday 24th April night: Welcome drink 20h

Hotel Condes de Barcelona

C/ Passeig de Gràcia, 73 8a Planta


Friday 25th April: Internal workshops and learning journeys

Toulouse Business School venue. Calle Trafalgar 10, Metro Urquinaona

9h: Welcome

9h-10h: Ice breaking activities

Different games to get to know each other. Exchange of the gifts you brought. Speed networking.

Animated by Isabel Anthony Torres

10h-10h30: Crowdsourced agenda

Large Wall. Each one has 4 post its. For TEDx topic and for cross-cutting topic, each person writes:

  • What do you wish to teach the others?
  • What do you wish to learn?

Then the volunteers will group the answers and that will help define the second session of the day as well as the TEDx How to video.

10h30-11h30: Workshops on TEDx experience- Session 1:

  • Q&A on TEDx Rules and Tips for rookies organizers: Lauren Cucinotta – Room 5
  • How to create TEDx community: Nikki Ernst – Small amphitheatre
  • Get the best talk ever: Felipe Gallardo/Robert Ferrer/Jose Cruset – Large amphitheatre
  • How to include artists and performances in events? – TEDxBaghdad team – Room 8

11h45-12h45: Workshops on TEDx experience- Session 2:

  • TEDx in Universities and TEDxED: Miquel Duran UdG – Room 5
  • Team motivation and stress management: Emmanuelle Roques – Large amphitheatre
  • How to rock social media: Igor Celikovic – Small amphitheatre
  • Sponsoring tips: Andrea Faroppa – Room 8

13h00-14h00: Workshops on TEDx experience- Session 3:  Crowdsourced agenda

  • Translation: how does it work? Gabriella Chihan and OTP Team – Large amphitheatre
  • Connect people in conflict areas: Beto Maya – Room 5
  • TEDxWomen: Aurelie Salvaire and Guernica Facundo – Small amphitheatre
  • How to TEDx video: Nikki Ernst – Room 8

14h00-15h00: Sustainable vegetarian catering with Barrinar

15h00- 16h00: Session on Smart cities with Citymart. Presentation of Social coin team.

16h00-18h00: Group visits to Innovation spots of the city

  1. Internet of things geeks: Claro Partners Office
  2. Mobile geeks: visit Wayra incubator and Telefonica R&D Team
  3. Makers geeks: visit MOB coworking and Fablab
  4. Education geeks: Mschools y Mhealth in MEDIATIC
  5. Football geeks: Camp nou visit – 23 euros
  6. Food geeks: Cooking class with Imogen Wells – 20 euros
  7. Bike geeks: Guided Bike tour in the city with Insolit Barcelona

With each group, a chief volunteer and a TEDx curator from Spain will lead the route.

18h00-21h00: Free time

Optional visit of Sagrada Familia + Hospital San Pau. Optional mindfulness session.

21h00-23h00: Dinner in Sagardi, on top of Museu Historia Catalunya

23h00: Underground party in Poblenou – Barcelona Cultural World, Carrer doctor Trueta 192


Saturday 26th April: External workshop

 Meeting at Mobile World Center. Plaza Catalunya.

The agenda of the day will be in part defined by the crowdsourcing exercise of the day before.


9h-9h30: Mindfulness training. Emmanuelle Roques

9h30-10h: Wake-up games!

10h30-12h: Cross-cutting workshops session 1


Calle Trafalgar 10, Metro Urquinaona

Which projects do you develop or wish to develop in the coming years? What exists in your country that could be replicated in others?

  1. Gamification: Jose Manuel Rodriguez TEDxTelefonica
  2. Science and magic: Miquel Duran TEDx UDG
  3. Shared economy: Paulo Mandaleris Jara Ouishare
  4. How to revolutionize education: Nuria Bosch and Karen Marquez Infantium
  5. Incubation of music ventures. TEDxBerklee team
  6. Lessons learned and best practices in creating a disruptive academic program in healthcare entrepreneurship:Jorge Fernandez. Moebio
  7. Lets talk about sex!: Guillaume Thureau IES Med / Ines Abdelrazek Union Mediterraneo
  8. Start-ups and innovation scene in Barcelona: Lija van Vliet- Barcinno

12h30-14h: Cross-cutting workshops session 2- Co-design/ Co-creation workshop

  1. Healthcare and mobile technology: Jordi Marti and Fran Arechaga
  2. Alignment: The secret ingredient. Coperfield. Ricard Ruiz de Querol
  3. Youth empowerment: Walaa Hechach and CJNC
  4. Time banks: Alvaro Solache
  5. Gender equity. Leveraging media and storytelling to challenge gender stereotypes: Aurelie and Guernica
  6. Editing How to TEDx video: Niki Ernst
  7. Innovation in emerging countries: Fernando Casado de Global CAD y Javi Creus de Ideas for Change
  8. Perceptions of Africa and immigration: Tania Adam

14h-15h: Sustainable catering.

Mobile World Capital. Plaza Catalunya.

15h-16h00: Improvisation/ Clown workshop

Good vibrations Barcelona

16h30-18h00: TED you session on stage. You’re the storyteller. 5 minutes max for those who want to present. Presentation of the How to TEDx video shot during the week-end.

18h-21h00: Free time

21h00: Party time! Local bands will make us dance!

Guzzo, placa commercial 10 in front of mercat del Born

Meeting with TEDx Barcelona Community


Sunday 27th Abril

10h- Yoga Session on the beach

11h- Learn how to build Castellers with Alvaro Solache

12h-14h: Boat trip

14h30: Lunch in a restaurant next to the beach

Afternoon: Optional visits to ongoing Barcelona activities:

  • Or just relax, play volleyball and enjoy the sun on the beach J



If you have any suggestion on the agenda or if you want to host a session, please email us:



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